Friday, November 19, 2010


On Tuesday I hiked to the historic landmark nestled in the Hollywood Hills aka THE HOLLYWOOD SIGN with my homegirl Tina.  I can now scratch this off the good ol' bucket list, woo woo! The hike is roughly 40 minutes to the top of the sign and is all uphill.  Here is how to get to the trailhead:

From the intersection Franklin and Beachwood Dr. in Hollywood drive about 1.7 miles North on Beachwood Dr. towards the Hollywood sign.  Just stay on Beachwood Dr. and go all the way up the hill.  Pass a sign that reads  "Sunset Ranch" and then the dirt parking lot will be to your right.  The trailhead for the "Hollyridge Trail" is right there!

Once you start the hike, it's got a moderately challenging uphill climb and then you will eventually hit a paved road.  If you go left, this will take you under the sign so you can look up at it and take some good photos.  If you go right, you will climb a little further and be on top of the hill looking down at the backside of the sign.  There are fences and security at the top of the hill so unfortunately you can't get right next to the letters but you are pretty darn close!  Watch out for walking around restricted areas with "trespassing" signs.  The dudes from the towers at the top of the hill might intercom you and it's almost like the voice of Zeus telling you get down from Mt. Olympus...NBD.

We chose to do both paths so we could get some photos looking up at the sign and take some of the beautiful landscape views of West Hollywood.  If you wanna leave your mark on Hollywood, there is a sweet cactus that hikers carve their name into! We couldn't resist :)  I definitely recommend this hike, it is a lot of fun, beautiful views of LA, and it's a great workout too! I snapped some photos for your enjoyment :)



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